levision is blazing a new trail by being the first of th Internet Providers and Internet Technology Understood

Cablevision Offers Packages With Broadband, Free Gear, and HBO NOW

Cablevision Logo and PackagesCablevision is blazing a new trail best regulated binary options brokers by being the first of the internet service providers in my area to offer HBO NOW as a standalone service to its internet service customers. These packages also include “cord cutters” new bundles like internet, free antenna, and the HBO NOW together. This Cord Cutter package is one of two new bundles the company announced, the other combining the antenna, WiFi voice and internet access services.

Cablevision has never offered free antennas before so this is a bold move that would end the reliance on cable boxes at all. It is important to note that the users themselves could have created this set up by purchasing their own digital antenna, but it is clear Cablevision is trying to simplify this process and attract customers that would have never considered a cable company before.

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Use the Internet and Avid Everywhere to Connect With You Audience

Avid Everywhere Online Service LogoAvid Everywhere is a new product line, or strategic vision as voiced by Avid, designed to connect content creators with content consumers in a more efficient and profitable manner. Avid is best known for their Digital Audio Workstation software Pro Tools.

The company claims that the guiding principles behind their new venture are to create a media distribution environment that is perfectly fluid from end to end. This process will include the Storage Suite, Media Suite, Artist Suite and will be put together by the Avid MediaCentral Platform. The endeavor is bold, and considering the traditional Pro Tools package dominates the DAW market it seems strange that Avid would take a product that is so popular and risk consumer confidence with something that might end up being a mess as opposed to the digital media value chain that they are hoping for. The upside is if it works it will blow away anything else on the market and it would make what has been traditional very expensive software more affordable and easier to get into.

The Avid Media Center is the hub for all of the other added functionality. It provides connectivity as well as complimentary capabilities that support the entire series of media products and can be used over any connection including the latecy plagued satellite internet services. The platform itself is an open environment and integrates technology from Avid as well as other third party providers. This value chain would allow users to produce media as well as deliver, monetize, and manage their products from a single resource without regard to the various tools or vendors they use along each step of the process.

MediaCentral delivers to the user a truly unified UI experience across many devices including desktop, web, and mobile devices. This cloud driven system is a completely web based front loaded system which gives all users connected to the media value chain access to the resources they need to fulfill there part in the system everywhere at any time. Users can also use the platform to access shared services and underlying technologies.

All Avid creative tools from graphic production, video, mobile internet service, live sound, and audio are included in the Avid Artist Suite. This includes Pro Tools which dominates the DAW market and is considered by many to be an indispensable tool both in and out of the recording studio as well as other control surfaces, music notation software, live sound systems, and more. Regardless of your location you can log into the cloud and use any of your tools, or tools shared by your organization.

A new addition to the Avid Tools capability is a robust metadata tagging and management capability that are going to be necessary when using such a diverse toolset across so many platforms. Being able to find the media you are looking for and access where you are at is critical. This metadata is created by advanced algorithms and provide a high level of detail making it possible to track assets across many platforms across their entire lifecycle.

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Is Your Cell Phone Data Plan A Scam?

Project Fi Logo and ServicesAnd don’t worry so much about your wireless carrier’s profits after they release a more efficient data plan for you. Verizon announced that almost 56% of all wireless revenue last quarter was profit. By way of comparison Sprint announced a 15.5% on wireless revenue. These guy are doing just fine and Verizon is yodeling all the way to several banks.

Cheap isn’t always the best and it is a proven fact that you get what you pay for. Verizon and AT&T service tends to eclipse that of Sprint and T-Mobile by a wide margin. With that in mind Project Fi uses the Sprint and T-Mobile networks and Internet providers by zip code while also being very restrictive on what phones you can use. Google will only carry the Nexus 6!

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