Cablevision Offers Packages With Broadband, Free Gear, and HBO NOW

Cablevision is blazing a new trail by being the first provider to offer HBO NOW as a standalone service to its internet service customers. These packages also include “cord cutters” new bundles like internet, free antenna, and the HBO NOW together. This Cord Cutter package is one of two new bundles the company announced, the other combining the antenna, WiFi voice and internet access services.

These packages are targeting consumers who are moving away from expensive TV subscriptions and who are looking for a cheaper option without losing their favorite services. The company is also targeting a group they call “cord nevers” which center on a younger audience that will never sign up for a cable TV package.

These two new packages are clearly priced to beat traditional offers being less than half the price of many TV packages, sometimes even cheaper. Most of the cost the consumer is paying for is simply Internet access, not costly add-ons and channels they don’t watch.
“As a connectivity company, Cablevision is reimagining its relationship with its customers”, said Cablevision CEO Kristin Dolan. She added they wished to offer, “real alternatives that fit new consumer lifestyles”.

The Cord Cutter bundle offers cable internet service with 50Mbps down and 25Mbps upload speeds with a free digital antenna that will let users watch over the air broadcasts without the need for a cable box or any type of TV subscription.

In the cord cutter package, customers have Cablevision’s “Optimum Online Ultra 50″ internet service (50 Mbps down/up to 25 Mbps up) and receive a “complimentary” digital antenna (the reliable Mohu Leaf 50) allowing them to watch over-the-air broadcasts without a cable box or pay TV subscription.

Cablevision has never offered free antennas before so this is a bold move that would end the reliance on cable boxes at all. It is important to note that the users themselves could have created this set up by purchasing their own digital antenna, but it is clear Cablevision is trying to simplify this process and attract customers that would have never considered a cable company before.

There does appear to be a possible “gotcha” in the fine print. The pricing lists $44.90 per month for the first year only, with the cost of the following years not listed anywhere. We can assume it’s more but possibly not. Also Cablevision is adding a new modem lease fee of $4.95 per month to the mix.

The next package is called the everyday low price, so the banding there is a little silly, but is less expensive at $34.90 per month. This bundle includes Basic Internet with up to 5Mbps download speed, Wi-Fi voice, and a digital antenna. Both packages give users access to over one million hotspots and a free modem. It is important to note that the Wi-Fi phone service requires the purchase of a Motorola G phone for $99.95 which will give customers unlimited talk, data, and text without an additional cellular plan. The package is good but the phone, thpppt.