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The chemist walks past us - we are standing in a dark niche. And then Vovka's nerves fail - he shoves a da baby leaked rag to me and recoils into the shade. I am completely stunned and fly out from behind the chemist, grab her head and press a rag to her face. She shudders strongly from surprise and almost blows me to the side, but I already have nothing to lose - I continue to press the rag to her. Face, and mentally I say goodbye to life - now it will break free, the ether will certainly not work, and then it's fucking complete - da baby leaked can go home already don't come back. Out of fear, I almost let her go myself, and suddenly I realize that she is not resisting already.

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She smiled and finally climbed inside, closing the door behind her. I closed my eyes - usually passengers with all their foolishness shy da baby leaked from the car door, closing it. And such blows for the driver clearing the way for me. His scent is acutely felt, but it does not stop me, and I lick his ass. His penis is already smoking and Vasya, taking me by the hair, lifts me from his knees, immediately leaning his chest on the table. You filthy whore. And his cock with a chomp goes into my pussy to the end.

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