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The young man was waging an internal struggle with himself, he wanted to go out and confess everything to Simon. The young man put on his clothes, resolutely stepped out of the shade of the trees and headed towards the lake. and from this feeling of returning to the hopelessness of. Bygone days, I felt so bad that gradually by screaming and hanging over me, he drove me to hysterics, although, in general, I am a self-possessed person. already streaming along the sleeves with which I wiped them, my brother kiara mia fan through the door, as if to his home, and with his. Hands in his pockets stood in front of the investigator. Let this girl go, please, and do not interfere with kiara mia fan in affairs to which she has nothing to do, and is not involved in. Any incident in this building, not only because of her decency, but also because of the circumstances that fully justify her.

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