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In the summer, around the 20th of August, a good friend of mine got married, I didn't have many good friends, I was. Invited there were many beautiful girls, I was very drunk and they too, and it was a wedding. Of all my friends, I was only a virgin, my friends said that at a wedding, anyway, even I could find a girlfriend. Despite this, among friends. I was the soul of the company, cheerful and sometimes even kindly witty, I knew how to joke and speak beautifully, and it so happened that I attracted the attention of 2 girls at once, one of them was very beautiful and the other ugly, but I drank everything and I drank and by the end of the banquet I chose an ugly one, when they told me this everyone was laughing at me very much, and I myself was surprised at my decision, but probably that other beautiful girl was more surprised. the usual booze, not only I hope beel naked drunk there, then Nikolai Davletov's mother, the hope beel naked mother, took out her branded liqueur, there were 2 or 3 fights, but.

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"Mast ha yaar can you fuck me too"

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It works great on all patients. Try it, you won't regret it. Girl, let me prepare you for a meeting with the beautiful, "- the last phrase referred to Marga. Job moved his hand from her ass to the vagina and began to lightly fuck her with his finger between hope beel naked. Legs. The door to the ward opened, two girls entered - young simpamposhki. "U-I myself.

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"What a passionate young white beauty a delight"

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