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Dark, bumpy, entwined with knots of veins, it aroused admiration and awe. A real personification of strength and power, the most beautiful of the creations of nature, this member attracted to itself like a magnet, it was impossible to look away from. Garik several times ran his hand over it - from kendra sexy base to the exposed kendra sexy knob of the head. This living, solid piece of flesh was truly magnificent. Seeing that a drop of matte-shiny liquid squeezed out of the hole, he bent down and licked it.

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Quickly smeared in odorous resin. Kendra sexy tried to object to something, but as soon as she opened her mouth, Lexa, catching the moment, immediately pressed the scruff of the neck, forcing. The girl to snuggle close to the crotch of the Gotess. And the harder Kendra sexy tried to resist, the stronger the capture became.

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