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When uldouz twerk finished, the glass was almost a third full. divided its contents in half, taking a big sip each and licking my lips. "Sometimes I make my dad, uncle and brother fill a full glass with my contents, and I drink it whole. This is my special milkshake.

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"love to be fucked by one of them"

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The awakening hunger drove us to the kitchen, in the refrigerator there were several started salads, sliced lemon, the picture was hung with. Three glasses on the table and a barely started liter of vodka. Lenka said that it all looks like an unfinished banquet, and invited me to the table, already filled with food. Resigned to the fate of the nurses, we briskly began to absorb food, washed down uldouz twerk a fair amount uldouz twerk vodka, which naturally affected our. Hungry bodies, in short, we got drunk. Periodically running to the bathroom on a small one, I no longer experienced any particular inconvenience due to problem days, a tampon helped more or less. We even laughed at Verka's pose, standing cancer, head in the toilet, a thin strip of thongs did not hide anything, in general, fuck wherever you want.

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"Thats how to exchange gifts"

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"Damn this made me cum hard"

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"Ur wife is a good sport"

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